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S.A.F.E. is so excited to bring you ExaclyRight natural mineral supplements with the highest bioavailability at the cellular level on the market. How can we say this? Because it has been proven.

Mineral supplements are a must in today’s world. We do not get enough minerals from the food we eat. Even if you only eat really good food choices, you are not getting enough natural minerals.

This lack of mineral nutrition is called under-nutrition.

Most people are aware of malnutrition, a serious condition caused by starvation in many countries. Under-nutrition is also a serious condition. They sound similar but they are very different.

Malnutrition— having too little food, or too little of the types of food necessary for good health.

Under-nutrition—lack of nutritious food or from the inability of the body to convert or absorb it.

Both situations cause similar issues for the body and brain. But note the italicized words inability of the body to convert or absorb it. This is the real problem: when the body is not able to convert inorganic minerals into an organic, stable, natural mineral form it cannot absorb the mineral.

The danger in this situation is that under-nutrition is harder to detect. People are getting enough food but not enough mineral nutrition. This gives a false sense of health. Yes, people aren’t starving from lack of food like with malnutrition so we may think we have done enough to sustain a healthy life this is not always accurate. It doesn’t matter if minerals come into the body from foods or supplements they still need to be converted into a safe molecule before they can be usable in the cells.

This is the beauty of ExaclyRight mineral supplements, they are already converted into a natural, stable mineral molecule that is ready for active transport into the blood stream for cellular use. This mineral process has been researched and developed for over 60 years now and proven effective over and over again.

A little background may help…. a short version.

Back in the 1940’s Harvey Ashmead, a compound pharmacist and scientist, found animals were not thriving healthily even with good feed. After much study he narrowed the cause of this situation down to not enough mineral nutrition in feed. However, supplying the animals with more minerals in their feed did not change the situation. He was perplexed why didn’t the added minerals make a difference? Could it be the way minerals are absorbed into the body?

As he studied minerals in the GI tract, he discovered the “natural mineral metabolic process in the body”. In other words, how minerals are naturally converted in the GI tract from inorganic to organic minerals so they can safely go into the blood stream. His discovery is archived in AFFCO the book of proven scientific discoveries. Krebs. S. ed. Official Publication Association of American Feed Control Officials Incorporated (Oxford, IN: AAFCO) 310, 361, 2008.

This was a miraculous discovery! Science was elevated to a new level of understanding. Dr. Ashmead taught the true metabolic process of minerals all over the world. He taught in universities, medical facilities, at symposiums, conventions and seminars etc.

Understanding how minerals are actually processed in the GI tract was only part of the solution though. He knew just adding more minerals to the feed didn’t work so there has to be something getting in the way of the natural mineral metabolic process. Mr. Ashmead now had the challenge of finding out what was interfering with the natural process he had just discovered.

The answer he found was 2-fold: first minerals are blocked from being naturally chelated to amino acids by chemicals on and in the food, over processed, manufactured foods, diets with high amounts of caffeine, phytic acid, oxalic acid, medications and many other blockers. 

Second, a lack of mineral nutrition in the soil, crops and food we depend on. This was confirmed after testing 1000 crops in eleven states each year over a period of four-years. It was found even with fertilization the crops were losing mineral nutrition every year. Conversations on Chelation and Mineral Nutrition, Ashmead, pg. 7

Now that he knew what was interfering with the natural process, he had the daunting task of finding a solution. He contemplated teaching people how to take all blockers out of their environment (an impossible task) or make mineral supplements that are ready to be used on the cellular level and bypass the digestive tract so they can’t be blocked. He chose the latter option.

It took effort, time, money and determination but he discovered how to bond the inorganic minerals with the correct amino acids making the first organic, natural amino acid mineral chelates. These truly match the body’s blueprint making them safe and effective. Dr. DeWayne Ashmead states, “A properly chelated mineral is a natural mineral. It is not a chemical additive and, consequently, its toxic effects on the body are practically nonexistent. This fact has been demonstrated in studies conducted at the University of Utah and published in the book Chelated Mineral Nutrition in Plants, Animals, and Man” See Conversations on Chelation, pg. 33 1989. They bypass the digestive process by active transport into the bloodstream and on their way to the cells that need them.

How do we know they truly have a higher bioavailability? Over 60 years of research, development and many tests with results written in Peer Review Medical Journals, and several Universities.

Ashmead and Ashmead tested their amino acid chelated minerals on over 200,000 animals and found improvement in the overall health of every animal. These animals were finally getting mineral nutrition they could absorb.

I had the rare opportunity to learn this process from Mr. Ashmead’s daughter 17 years ago and have lived the difference ever since. As I have researched this and put what I gleaned into my life I am in awe of how important it is to understand the mineral metabolic process for making truly effective mineral supplements.

What can you expect from ExaclyRight supplements? Real Nutrition for the Entire body.

Dr. DeWayne Ashmead believed Americans have more under-nutrition than malnutrition. As stated earlier, malnutrition is the lack of food; undernutrition is the lack of minerals in the food. Both situations cause similar physical and mental issues because of the lack of minerals. Dr. DeWayne Ashmead states, “minerals are involved in almost every physiological function necessary to sustain life.” Conversations on Chelation and Mineral Nutrition, chapter 1, pg. 7 1989.

This statement reinforces the correct form of mineral supplement is as important as the minerals themselves to support health.

The true metabolic process of minerals is called “Amino Acid Mineral Chelation.”

These are the only minerals we use because we know they are made safe, effective and have the intelligence to go where they’re needed and wanted at the cellular level!

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SAFE’s goal is to bring you our members not only real supplement solutions that sustain life but ones you can enjoy as well.

We found many people were tired of taking handfuls of supplement capsules and many have a hard time swallowing them. As two of the founders, Dr. Frederick and I formulated a good tasting drink stick pack with all the natural minerals and vitamins you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Our first supplement is, Integral foundational support for the entire body. It is paramount to have the correct ratios of minerals and vitamins as the foundation for the body. Natural minerals are the common denominator for all the essential elements of nutrition to work in the body including vitamins. This is why ExaclyRight Integral™ is so important for the support of the entire body.

Sometimes we need added supplementation. Certain times of the year and situations where we can pick up a virus, germ, or experience over exertion and many other situations can affect the health of our bodies. As added protection we have system targeted supplements to direct nutrition where it’s needed. Such as our immune system supplement for immune support:

ExaclyRight immune supplement is, Nature’s Defender™ the best way to keep your immune system strong. I personally checked out every immune supplement I could find on the market. There was nothing that came close to our formula. It has the essential nutrients needed to support the immune system.

S.A.F.E. is committed to bring you, “life solutions for better health!”

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